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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  May 8, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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national security contributor confirmed the reason u.s. officials can say they were never worried about the bomb plot taken into custody is the operative was controlled by a double agent. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. we have breaking news. polls closing in primary elections tonight and there are some very big races going on. one that could drastically change washington. we have the results coming in in seconds. we know how the cia foiled an al qaeda plot. this news is literally developing at this hour and we have the latest in a moment. also a new chief in charge of the sanford police department tonight following the trayvon
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martin case. we have breaking news because the polls have just closed in indiana. this is a crucial contest. we are talking about republican senator richard lugar. he is expected to lose in the primary to tea party backed richard murdoch tonight. the key to this point has been linking lugar to moderates and to the president. >> i have worked with the republican senator dick lugar to pass a law. >> what i did was reach out to senator dick lugar. >> i'm interesting in figuring out my foreign policy i associate myself with joe biden
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or with dick lugar. >> all right. that should give you a sense of how pleasant that campaign was although i'm sure some media companies made money in indiana in the past month. out of state donors backing both candidates have poured $4 million into the senate primary race. the national antitax group club for growth alone spent $1.7 million. lugar says if he loses negative campaign will be why. it is not just in indiana. across the country centers for republicans are facing tough challenges. republican senator olympia snowe retiring and lieberman. john avalon is with us, james carville. a late night. i got a little red light going off and something coming from your camp. let me start with you.
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this is pretty tragic that we have gotten to this point where working together is a negative thing. that attack add was rather grim. >> that attack add expresses what is going on right now. this is why this primary matters to everyone at home. if you are frustrated with the division and dysfunction this primary is an important reason why. right now reaching across the aisle is a hanging offense. this dyno and rhino hunting is going to drive us further. we have a problem in america. >> hogan, you have talked about dick lugar as an example of a squishy republican. he does come off as one of the most moderate senators. don't you have to reach across the aisle to get this thing done. the concept of analected official that you should be wanting more of.
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>> i understand. compromise needs to happen in order to get things down. you have to govern something. i think we all know that. i think that is one thing sorely lacking in washington d.c. we want people to compromise but we don't want them to compromise on their core convictions. senator lugar had a few problems with the base. he's kind of gone uncontested for three decades and met somebody who is very popular and won two statewide elections. he is going to obviously have some problems tonight. >> there were things not just about the base. >> not just the ads but his opponent said the time for collegiality is past. it is time for confrontation. if that is the change you are representing that is in the
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wrong direction. >> james carville, tea party said that was it. >> i think they can have this time in the republican party and remember it was the tea party that gave whoever this clown was in colorado. and look they are organized as they have every right to be and apparently they probably will beat them. >> that's what the polls indicate. >> i'm pulling for the tea party. i'll tell you that. >> there you have it. >> talking about something i think we have all been hearing. a lot of people have been saying barack obama has this. he is going to win this. you said let me just make it clear this is you and not me. what are you smoking? what are you drinking? what are you snorting? >> who could look at the world
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and not just the united states. united states in 2008, united states in 2010, everywhere in the world look what happened in britain, germany, france, greece. what incumbent would be confident in this environment? except for some reason the u.s. democrats and i think it has to do with how bad the republicans are. in the end we got to tighten up here. this thing is nowhere near in the bag. it's a really tough laekz aelec. we are not anywhere near aggressive enough. >> what do you make of this? considering that rick santorum was more conservative than mitt romney. when it came to who was getting the nomination for the republican party it was not the most conservative person. >> every race is different.
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it didn't have a name id. he had no money compared to mitt romney. those are a lot of factors that led to the suspension of the campaign. mitt romney just did this a few years ago. but i think on a larger scale and james alluded to some of this earlier, this is going to be a dog fight. there is going to be a ton of money spent in this race, something like we have never seen. even in this cycle, even in 2010 it wasn't this bad with twitter and facebook and things, the emergence of the social media that is just every second something is going on with the candidates. every word is parse like it never has been before. this is going to be one of the most interesting and historical of our lifetime because of everything that is going to be going on under the surface that we all care about. it will be interesting to see what we care about every day and what the average person cares about who is watching this at
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arm's length. >> i wonder how many tens of millions of dollars in negative ads mitt romney dumped on rick santorum. they never had a discussion about ideology. they just went in and every time that they went they croaked with negative ads. and santorum looked at pennsylvania and said this guy is going to dump another 5 or 6 millions. this is a man to go negative in a second. he has the whole pollution lobby ready to fund him and democrats are being confident. >> you are going to get negativity from both sides. >> the democrat is long off. people tell me i don't need to give to that. obama is going to win. you hear that constantly out in the country and i'm telling democrats we haven't won anything yet. we are in the fight of our lives. that's my message.
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don't sit back here at all. >> the problem that democrats are having raising money is a direct reaction of the overconfidence going on with the democrats right now. >> every journalist, everybody that talks and every person that goes out, this is something i have been hearing and i'm going like whoa, no. >> all right. thanks to all three of you. biden blasts bush. >> when we took office there was virtually no international pressure. we were the problem. sanford's new chief. >> i will tell you that many of my professional colleagues told me to turn and run in the opposite direction.
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coming up a mystery man in the foiled al qaeda plot. a double agent and we are getting details about who this person was and how they got this bomb through. we are joined by the new police chief in sanford who took over after the handling of the trayvon martin case. cnn projecting that mitt romney is the winner of the indiana. 64% going to mitt romney. 14% to ron paul. still a lot of people voting for not mitt romney even though only mitt romney is really in the running. polls are closing in 15 minutes in north carolina. in north carolina the story is incredible about gay rights in america. there is an amendment to the
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state constitution that is at stake which would ban gay marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships. it is against the law to have gay marriage in north carolina. this takes it further making civil unions not allowed. everyone from the reverend billy graham to bill clinton tried to sway the vote. it is still expected to pass tonight. >> this is president bill clinton. i'm calling you to urge you to vote against amendment one on tuesday may 8. if it passes it won't change north carolina's law on marriage. what it will change is north carolina's ability to keep good businesses, attract new jobs and atraktd and keep talented entrepreneurs. national opinion is split down the middle. people in favor of gay marriage dropped a few percentage points. with pressure mounting for
4:15 pm
president obama to explain his evolving position on the issue. slamming mitt romney for his position. saying -- . that is the rhetoric that is a little annoying. john avlon this is the sort of thing where we can put everything into an etch a sketch world and it is that simple. >> in this case romney has regreszed in terms of where he was in 1994. and because he has a different constituency. it is different from the sales pitch. it ties him up in knots on important national issues. >> it does enable the president to dodge. evolve is hardly a strong definitive term. you don't want to define what
4:16 pm
evolve is. >> i don't think that anybody on either side believes that obama in his heart opposes gay marriage. so there was a time i think when it was probably politicly important. a few years ago you couldn't run for president having what i think is the decent position on equal marriage rights. that time has passed. it is supported by the strong majority of democrats and independents. when george w. bush is running for reelection this was a powerful wedge issue for the republicans. we are approaching the point at which it can be a powerful wedge issue if the president can embrace. >> in 2004 i know 13 states had gay marriage referendum. that did drive turnout. people said that was part of the reason why. is this a mistake that it would motivate the base or did they realize that this is not an
4:17 pm
issue to motivate independence? >> i think from what i understand i talked to a lot of people on the ground there today and in the past week. my mama lives there actually. i'm pretty familiar with the state. from what i understand this has been sitting around for the better part of a decade. since the legislature was controlled by the democrats that flipped in the last cycle so this piece of legislation came up. it is probably going to pass tonight overwhelmingly so. north carolina is really the only state in the south that hasn't passed a marriage amendment. they thought it was time to do it. elections have consequences. when you put people in office who want to do things like ban gay marriage if they are worth they sell they are going to put it up and work to pass it. >> a final question to you.
4:18 pm
i'm reading the cnn summary of rick santorum's endorsement of mitt romney last night. i have to admit it was well written but did take until paragraph 13 until there was an endorsement. >> he is a senator. they get to the point eventually. he's a senator. it takes him a way to get to his point. they finally do. you know this. you are in journalism. i was in it, too. you bury the lead so everybody will read the rest of it. if you put the lead on top they will get on to their day. >> that is pretty much the opposite. >> i know. in this instance you read the entire thing. he put it out late last night. we have been talkingt about it all day. it has worked well for him. >> that strategy i might buy in
4:19 pm
that case. >> that's an ex piinspired spin that ain't the truth. we have new details coming in about the cia's success in stopping the al qaeda's plot to bomb a u.s. plane. there is a double agent. reporting that there could be other bombs out there. she's next. all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas...
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vice president joe biden made a prediction about what will happen to iranian president. and the new police chief of sanforou guest tonight. our third story. the bomber in a thwarted plot was actually a cia double agent who infiltrated the group. fran is with me now. a member of cia and department of homeland security advisory board. how do we define double agent.
4:24 pm
in spy talk that is as good as it gets. it shouldn't surprise us. remember when the story was just breaking and we had official statements from the white house and others in the administration they were saying there hadn't been a threat to the u.s. they were confident that the would-be bomber was no longer a threat. they controlled him. the notion of a double agent is when you have an agent who you infiltrate into a foreign organization. they think he is working for them. in this case al qaeda has this guy who volunteers, send me in. he is going to wear this device and blow up a plane. what he doesn't realize is when he makes that offer he is actually working for the u.s., the cia along with the saudi intelligence service and reporting back to them. >> we have made mistakes with the seals killed in afghanistan. these sorts of things have gone awry so i imagine they perceive
4:25 pm
this to be a huge success. >> you were talking about the one in afghanistan where you had cia officers killed. this is one that worked. because of that very horrible tragedy for the cia this is a particularly satisfying moment for them. >> what do we know about -- reporting that a double agent was responsible for this but there could be other bombs like this out there. >> one of the reasons that you heard all day and over the last 24 hours real concern from the administration and capitol hill about all these leaks is what one source said to me you don't know whatou don't know. we know this one guy volunteered and they made a bomb for him. were there other volunteers. did the bomb maker make other bombs? i can tell you from my own experience al qaeda normally
4:26 pm
launches simultaneous attacks. it would be odd that they make just one bomb. they would make several. when people tell you this is an on going investigation that is what they are talking about. they want to know whether or not there are other would-be bombers. >> thank you very much. very important question mark for all of us. we'll be right back. ♪ i'm michael bazinet, president of creative digital imaging of bangor, maine. we have customers all over the united states. we rely on the postal service for everything that we do. the eastern maine processing facility
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we have breaking news. it is 7:30. and the polls in north carolina
4:30 pm
have just closed. there is a crucial issue, a controversial amendment to the constitution in the state that would ban gay marriage and civil unions and domestic partnerships. and now stories we care about where we are focusing on our own reporting. there are new developments in the search for a man accused of kidnapping and tennessee mother and her three children. video released shows adam mayes in a convenience store the day before he disappeared. according toor the arrest warrant both women witnessed mayes in his mother's backyard. authorities are asking for the public's help. we have been talking about
4:31 pm
the drama surrounding ceo's dieg claiming he graduated with a degree in computer science but he had not. he apologized for the distraction his resume error has caused. he says the board member that was heading up the search would not run for reelection. >> today more than 100 pilots staged a sickout due to the training for the dream liner. this goes back to an air india merge. pilots are upset pilots from both are getting training from the dream lining. the airline has fired ten pilots. there have been flights cancelled in newark today. all of this because air india wants the dream air liner. it has been 278 days since the country lost the great credit rating. oil prices fell as a result of
4:32 pm
worries on the economy. oil is down 9% in five days. it is below $100 a barrel. it does mean prices will generally fall about 10% at the pump over the next few weeks. vice president joe bide in came out in defense of the administration's stance on iran more forcefully today. >> when we took office let me remind you there was virtually no international pressure on iran. we were the problem. we were diplomatically isolated in the world, in the region. by going the extra diplomatic mile, presenting iran with a clear choice we demonstrated to the region and to the world that iran is the problem, nothe unta >> israeli government making a surprise announcement. they are not going to hold elections and they have a new
4:33 pm
government. here is what headliners have said. a new balance on the cabinet on iran and netanyahu is toughening the ranks and may pave the way for a strike on iran. he gave a pause and said i know. all of this talk could mean the u.s. could get forced into action. here is the vice president leaving no doubt on where america's loyalty stands. >> america's support for israel's security is not just an act of friendship and moral obligation. it is in a fundamental interest of the united states of america. >> author of the crisis designism and patrick clausen. strong words from the vice
4:34 pm
president. you talk about the pressure they are under to come out strong not just in favor of israel which has all kinds of dispute but in favor of netanyahu's views. >> they are not explicitly in favor of military action. what they have pushed for is tougher sanctions. i don't think sanctions are a bad thing. the question is, what are they for. it seems the sanctions have to be coupled with smart diplomacy so we pressure. >> and do you worry that the rhetoric here continues to rise and rise? you could end up in a position where nobody wants to strike but they might end up having to not just to save face but if you do you do look weak. >> there is this danger that war could spiral out of control from
4:35 pm
some accidental means. i think the administration has done a good job of putting the iranians in a position where the iranians are willing to go to the table. i think the question is can we keep the pressure up and also offer a realistic deal such that it can be accepted and we can stop the short. and hope that this regime falls. >> some of these debates, these headlines saying what we are seeing out of israel and netanyahu government shows striking on iran. some say striking iran before the u.s. elections. what is your take on what this bottom line is? >> in my personal life i'm very good at postponing making difficult decisions. i have a lot of respect for the ability of israeli politicians to do the same. i would be very surprised if israeli politicians took a risky
4:36 pm
move like striking iran until the very last minute when they felt they had no other choice. >> the romney campaign came out calling biden's comments inaccurate. there are term limits. the romney campaign said of president obama's naive approach to iran has given the regime valuable time to get closer than ever before to a nuclear weapons capability. is that the way to look at this? >> under president bush the iranians suspended their uranium enrichment for 2 1/2 years. under bush the united nations security council adopted five
4:37 pm
resolutions. under obama we only have humidity one security council resolution. bush was pushing hard on this one and did a lot to help form that international coalition that obama has strengthened further. >> what is the bottom line for you in terms of the role israel is going to play in american politics? is israel losing power in part because of this issue? >> i think the american public generally supports israel very strongly and israel's right to exist and i think it is very important that america maintain israel's military advantage. i think we have a country that is weary of war. israeli's don't want to jump into war either. i think there are concerns in the u.s. military as to what the implications are for u.s. soldiers in afghanistan, for u.s. soldiers in the gulf and very important to know that many
4:38 pm
recollect many top security professionals are very, very wary about the consequences of military action. >> i was with netanyahu two weeks ago and he was aggressive and the back lash was don't go. >> there has been a virtual revolt from people in the army on this question. i think that the cooler heads in our national security establishment and theirs i think are saying don't rush into this war. give sanctions and diplomacy a chance to stop iran. >> our final word to you. do you think we will have the conversation, the way the pendulum swings here. then it was the revolt. other leaders saying don't. now you have a new government and headlines saying this will strike before the election more likely. is this conversation on the table again? >> what is going to put it on the table is if the negotiations with the iranians stall. we have a new round coming up in
4:39 pm
baghdad on may 23rd. if the iranians put forward impossible conditions and it looks like there is not a deal then by the end of the summer we'll be back to talk about plan b. the iranian reaction will be talking about whether or not we are talking about having to do a plan b. we would all prefer to go with plan a which is a compromise with the iranians. >> prime minister netanyahu says there is no compromise. most people said there would be some enrichment. he is going to say none at all and he says that. >> i think this is the gap between the u.s. not between all israelis but i think the u.s. would be willing to accept something else given our passivism. >> thanks very much to both of you. we appreciate it. we have new revelations today in the penn state child
4:40 pm
sex assault case against sandusky. right now he is charged with 50 counts. the case against him hinges on the eyewitness account on that man. he told a grand jury he saw sandusky sexually assault a man in a shower. but it now appears that wasn't the case. the judge ruled mcquery got his dates wrong. that this if it happened a year before. it's a crucial question and it's next. paul calen is out front. in terms of statute of line of limitations. everyone is saying if this is true could it affect the statute of limitations for jerry sandusky? does this effect? >> no it will not effect the
4:41 pm
statute of limitations for sandusky even if it happened a year before. the case was brought in plenty of time under the statute of limitations. >> what about credibility? i think most people would say if you saw someone that you worked for, anyone, a grown man molesting a child in the shower you would remember the day for the rest of your life. >> very good point. what i wonder about is whether this is a mistake by mcquery or by the prosecutors in the case. remember the reports in this supposedly mcquery went home and told his father. his father brought a doctor who works on the campus because he wanted to run it by him. and then a day or so later he went to joe paterno and told him about it. and then shortly after something was reported to the penn state administrators. we have all of these records of him making reports. so presumably the prosecutors
4:42 pm
knew that. if mcquery was making a mistake about the date why didn't somebody say something to him. i think this is not going to amount to much but a little egg on the face of the prosecutors because they didn't straighten out the date situation. >> what about the alleged shower victim? >> remember mcquery says he heard sounds coming from the shower and then witnessed this terrible act of sexual abuse in the shower. the kid who allegedly was abused has never come forward and said i'm the person in the shower. he remains an unnamed victim. the attorney for sandusky says i have a witness who says he was the kid in the shower and nothing happened in the shower. there was just horsing around going on. there is a real problem with the case in that respect. i think there is already a lot
4:43 pm
of reasonable doubt floating around with respect to the shower incident. >> one thing i never understood is why a grown man would be engaging in horseplay naked with a child in the shower. i have never understood that. >> don't look to me for an answer because i don't understand that either. it is amazing to me that that is the defense. he has the kid. the kid is coming in. he is an adult now and he will say nothing bad happened. >> outfront five is next. sanford's new chief. >> i will tell you that many of my professional colleagues told me to turn and run in the opposite direction. >> outfront honors. >> claws. >> all this when we come back.
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we're back with our outer circle. we reach to our sources around the world. tonight in china authorities refuse to renew the press credentials. not issuing a visa for her replacement. it is thought to be the first expulsionorei journalist from china. our stan grant is innd
4:48 pm
im other media companies and even himself are worried they could be next. >> reporter: certainly concerned about the signals of the expulsion of the al jazeera reporter here in beijing and already there are concerns amongst individual reporter who have been warned by authorities here who may also have had their visas revoked. this is a very sensitive time in china not just because of the chen storyut also the bo story. we have breaking news. we want to give you the call for indiana. dick lugar has lost in indiana tonight in the senate primary lost t the tea party rising star there. 67% of the precincts reporting.
4:49 pm
richard mourdoc is the winner. 39% to dick lugar. of course, a 35 year serving senator from indiana losing to richard mourdock. let's check in with anderson cooper. >> we will have the latest on the al qaeda bomb plot. the plot was unravelled with the help of a double agent. we will speak to congressman peter king about the latest including new details about the bomb itself. plus a man hunt underway for adam mayes accused of abducting jo ann bain and her threw daughters. bain is dead along with one of her daughters. we have an exclusive interview with adam mayes' sister in law with inside information on the case. last night we told you about
4:50 pm
a veterans group. not one dime has been used for direct services to military veterans. we are keeping them honest. drew griffin goes to their offices looking for answers. >> see you in a looking forward now our fifth story out front. volunteer neighborhood watchman entered a not guilty plea at his arainment today in court. he is facing murder charges in the death of trayvon martin. the sanford police department has been under heavy criticism for its handling of the investigation. now a new interim chief has been named. chief, good to see you, a lot of people are going to say, first of all, okay, you're not from florida, you're not from anywhere around here, you're from colorado, how did you end up being the guy coming in for this job? >> actually i'm from the upper midwest, but i have served as a police chief in four states now.
4:51 pm
>> so this is just a challenge? you're in -- your success or failure is going to be noted around the country and you're up for that? >> well, you know, after become in this line of work this long, i don't see this as a win or lose proposition. i'm here to help, i'm here to help the community, there's a lot of healing that has to take place. i'm here to help the department get some stability. and the family victims involved in this and everyone else in the community has been victimized, traumatized. >> let me just ask you about the
4:52 pm
key question, not only was trayvon martin shot because he was black, but whether you think that is true or not true. the fact that george zimmerman was not taken into custody had a lot to do with the players here. and had a lot to do with race. do you think that that's true? >> you know, it's pretty early, i have been on the job four days and i really haven't had a thorough briefing on the martin homicide case. i do plan to look into that. but the reality is, across the nation, in america today, there still exists a great deal of unresolved tension about race and policing. and i have a particular passion for working on those issues and helping to resolve conflict. so whether or not that was a factor in this case, it certainly is a factor in some tension that exists and some history in sanford and we're going to work on that. >> so talk to me a little bit got that. because people do feel they experience this in their own
4:53 pm
lives or they feel passionately about it. what is some of the racial profiling that still goes on around this country in police departments that you think you can play a role in stopping? >> i think it all begins with relationship building. everything is done through relationships. and one of my major goals is to try and strengthen the relationship that sanford police have with all elements of the community, especially the african-american community, because that's where the highest level of tension exists. and so it's a lot harder to mistrust someone that you know than it is to not trust the people you don't know. >> have the police officers been coming in and trying to get your time? and part of me is shocked that you have been there four days and you haven't been inundated with reporters trying to get your side of the story and talking to you. >> i'm trying to strike a balance, both attending to the needs of the department and also outreach in the community. so today for example, i spent an
4:54 pm
hour and a half with a couple of community leaders, if you will, from the african-american community. having this very discussion about how do we get the dialogue going and at the same time i try and lend an ear to the police officers to talk about what their concerns and problems are. >> neighborhood watch, should we have it in this country and should neighborhood watch people be armed? >> well, i think that's a fair question, should they be armed? i think if you take that element away, neighborhood watchs at work in literally thousands of neighborhoods across the country, and with no problems whatsoever. i think the problems emerge from who the person is, and perhaps there is a cause for communities to take a good, hard look at who is selected or who volunteers, but let's not kill the concept because of one bad, really bad outcome. >> chief myers, thank you very much, appreciate you coming out
4:55 pm
front tonight. and next out front honors the loss of maria sundak. we had an experience with gnashing teeth, where the wild things are. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker...
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the -- then he entered the world of publishing, and illustrated what you probably know him for, dozens of books for other authors. kenny's window was in 1956, and in the night kitchen, outside over there and of course where the wild things are. they redefined children's literature and inspired and amazes generations of readers. when i was in china last year, inchi was invite, i went to a summer camp and they were learning english at summer camp. so i brought along a few of my favorite children's books, one of the things i brought was maurice sendak's book "where the wild things are." wow they loved that book. billy loved it. and he still has it.